Driving on Suspended License

 Virginia License Suspension Law

Have you been charged with driving on a suspended license? Maybe you were unaware that your license was suspended. Whether you knew or not, a conviction for driving on a suspended license is a serious matter. As a Class 1 misdemeanor, your offense could land you in jail and lead to an additional suspension of your privilege to drive if you are convicted.

Do not wait until your court date to call a lawyer. We can help you restore your license and answer any questions you may have. We can explain weaknesses in the state’s case and explore legal defenses to help you avoid a misdemeanor conviction.

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Your Knowledgeable Defense Team

At the Mason So Law Firm, you can expect to work with a passionate, experienced, and skilled lawyer who is knowledgeable about Virginia state law regarding driving on a suspended license. Familiarity with the prosecutors and judges can be helpful in preparing a defense and negotiating a favorable result.

The Mason So Law Firm and attorney Kosa So have been serving clients charged with driving on a suspended license for over a decade. Our firm is known for our competent and effective advocacy on behalf of our clients.

We will help you understand your situation and the penalties you are facing, as well as the legal steps involved in defending your case. We will work to minimize the consequences of a conviction and to restore your driving privileges. We have helped our clients:

  • Limit the number of demerit points on their license
  • Reduce fines associated with the conviction
  • Avoid the loss of their license or driving privileges
  • Avoid an active jail sentence
  • Avoid job loss due to a license suspension

At the Mason So Law Firm, it is our goal to reach the most favorable results for your case, whether that is through an acquittal, dismissal of your charge, or a negotiated plea agreement.

Is this your second, third, or subsequent Driving on a Suspended License charge? The Mason So Law Firm and attorney Kosa So will aggressively fight for your rights. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation regarding your case.