Expunge Your Criminal Charges

Often, individuals fail to consider the long-term effects that a criminal charge may have on their lives, even when the charge is dropped or dismissed. Your criminal record documents all criminal activity, even if you were not convicted of the crime. A criminal charge not only affects your future employment, but also affects your current opportunities for promotions, as well as your ability to obtain a security clearance. Ultimately, it can be detrimental to your future. The Mason So Law Firm has been helping clients in Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford and the surrounding Northern Virginia counties, move forward with the their lives by obtaining a “clean slate” through the expungement process.

Attorney Kosa So has proven success with expungement petitions and is ready to assist you with securing a brighter future.

At the Mason So Law Firm, attorney Kosa So can help clear your criminal record through the expungement process.

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