Trespassing in Virginia

Being convicted of trespassing on public or private property in Virginia can result in stiff penalties such as high fines, a permanent criminal record, and in some cases, an active jail sentence. Unfortunately, getting charged with trespassing is not uncommon, especially for people who hunt and fish. Posted notices can be hard to see, or could have fallen down, making it nearly impossible to understand the provisions of the premises.

Our goal at the Mason So Law Firm is to obtain a favorable outcome in your case. Let us start defending you today.

Strong Advocacy for Your Trespassing Case

Attorney Kosa So has served thousands of people charged with crimes in Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford and the surrounding Northern Virginia counties for more than a decade. Through an aggressive analysis of the circumstances surrounding your case, including the presence and placement of “No trespassing” signs on the premises, attorney Kosa So will diligently work to get your charge dismissed or reduced.

The Mason So Law Firm regularly represents clients with cases involving:

  • Trespassing by hunters and fishers
  • Trespassing on posted property
  • Trespassing on railroad tracks
  • Trespassing or damage to public services/utilities
  • Trespassing upon church or school property
  • Trespassing at night in any cemetery
  • Trespassing on retail or commercial property

If you have questions regarding your specific trespassing charge, we invite you to call our office at 703-691-2050 and consult with our accomplished defense lawyer, Kosa So.