Underage Possession of Alcohol

Underage Possession of Alcohol In Virginia

Have you been charged with underage possession of alcohol or supplying underage individuals with alcohol? If you or your child have been charged with any of these crimes in Virginia, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

For nearly a decade, the Mason So Law Firm and attorney Kosa So have successfully represented clients charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol. Often times, especially if you are a student in high school or college, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of obtaining a favorable result in court, or mitigate the possible penalties. In addition to traditional legal defenses, such as an invalid search or the failure of the police to produce evidence of alcohol, there are other avenues for avoiding a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction.

Do not wait until the last minute to obtain a lawyer. The longer you wait, the less time we will have to prepare your defense and thoroughly examine your case. Call today to explore all of your options.

Avoid the Consequences of Underage Drinking

Attorney Kosa So has spent years working with a reputable police officer and prosecutor in the past. This has given him valuable insight into the Virginia Court system, and a better understanding of how underage possession of alcohol cases are handled by the state.

If you or your child is convicted with an underage possession charge, the penalties may include:

  • Costly fines
  • Community service
  • Attendance of Virginia’s Alcohol Safety Awareness Program
  • Losing your driving privilege
  • Potential jail time
  • A permanent conviction

If you are caught driving while drinking, you face a misdemeanor conviction that could result in jail time, license suspension, several hours of community service and expensive fines. If your blood alcohol level is more than .02, you may even face what is commonly known as a “baby” DWI/DUI charge.

How Mason So Law Firm Can Defend You

With more than a decade of criminal defense experience, Kosa So has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to build a strong case for you. He can help:

  • Convince the prosecutor or judge to dismiss your case, or secure an alternative deposition to allow for an expungement of the charge
  • Avoid a criminal record for work and employment opportunities
  • Assist with expunging your Underage Possession of Alcohol or drunk driving charge from your criminal record
  • Avoid other harsh consequences, such as high fines, probation, or treatment programs

We invite you to contact Mason So Law Firm regarding your Underage Possession of Alcohol or Underage Drinking and Driving charge. Kosa So is committed to helping clients protect their future through effective advocacy both in and out of court.

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