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Traffic Defense Attorney in Virginia

reckless driving lawyer fairfax virginiaKosa So is the founding member of the Mason So Law Firm, and primarily focuses his legal practice on traffic and criminal offenses. If you have a pending traffic or criminal case, trial or hearing, and you are looking for an attorney, contact us today. Let us put our experience to your legal benefit.

For the past 12 years, Attorney Kosa So has represented thousands of clients in both criminal and traffic cases.  Our office is located in the City of Fairfax across from the Fairfax County Court house. If you have recently been charged with a crime, received a traffic citation, or your case, hearing, or trial is coming up soon; you need an experienced lawyer as your advocate.  Let the Mason So Law Firm, and attorney Kosa So, help you secure a favorable result.  Attorney Kosa So will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, examined the evidence, explain your rights and available legal defenses, and ensure that you receive a fair trial.  We will work diligently and passionately on your case to help you minimize the impact of your offense, and to help you return to your daily life.

Virginia District and Circuit Courts handle thousands of cases each year and a large volume of those cases involve criminal and traffic offenses.   In addition to the miles of roadways in the Northern Virginia area, there are also 4 major interstate highways that service the area (I-95, I-395, I-495 Beltway, and I–66).  All 4 highways are high density, high traffic volume roads where law enforcement officers issue hundreds of traffic tickets each week.  Traffic violations should be taken seriously, particularly traffic cases such as reckless driving, DUI and DWI, Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License, and Hit & Run. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle, or the DMV, has a stringent point system that is directly affected by a traffic conviction.  Our firm understands the point system of the Department of motor vehicles and Virginia highway safety office, and can help you minimize or avoid the adverse consequences of a traffic conviction.

Fairfax County is currently the most populous jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  According to the latest US census bureau, there were 1,081,726 people, 350,714 households, and 250,409 families residing in Fairfax County, Virginia.  This large population also needs a large police force to help maintain order and peace, which means the streets of Fairfax County are heavily monitored by the Fairfax County Police Department.  And a defense attorney can help ensure that the police are enforcing the laws and rules of the road properly.

If you have been charged with or arrested for a traffic or criminal offense, in Fairfax Virginia, or any of the surrounding jurisdictions, please Contact the Mason So Law Firm today for a FREE consultation at 703-691-2050, or contact us online.

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